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California injury laawyerThere are millions of semi-trailer trucks on the road in the United States, and the large size of these vehicles can make them especially dangerous in motor vehicle accidents. In order to provide a safe environment for drivers, the trucking industry must follow safety regulations that have been defined at both the state and federal levels. Updates to these regulations can have a major impact on road safety since thousands of people die in truck accidents every year.

Federal Law May Override California Regulations on Truck Driver Break Time

California has some of the most strict laws in the United States for transportation employees, requiring employers to provide drivers with a 30-minute meal break for every five hours they work and a 10-minute rest break every four hours. This law applies to any truck drivers who are driving through the state. However, a bill that was recently introduced to the United States House of Representatives would overrule any state-level regulations, forcing states to use less stringent federal regulations that mandate a 30-minute break for truck drivers after eight hours of work.

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truck accident, event data recorder, San Jose personal injury attorneyUncertainty surrounding a fatal tractor-trailer accident from last year has demonstrated to regulators the need for so-called black boxes on commercial vehicles. Event data recorders, or black boxes, have been in use in the aviation industry for more than half a century, and their installation on trucks, buses, and other vehicles could provide investigators with additional resources in determining what factors may have contributed to accidents and roadway incidents. 

Charter Bus Tragedy

In April of 2014, a FedEx truck pulling two 28-foot trailers and headed southbound on Interstate 5 in Northern California crossed the median into northbound traffic. The truck collided head-on with a charter bus carrying Los Angeles-area high school students on their way to a college orientation program, killing ten, including the drivers of both the truck and the bus. Investigation into the cause of the accident began immediately, with many suspecting that a mechanical failure or a medical episode on the part of the truck driver may have led to tragic accident.

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