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CA accident lawyerThe most important thing you need to have when you get into a car accident is evidence. Without evidence, it will be extremely difficult - if not impossible - to claim any damages from your accident. Even the smallest accident can startle a person, but the steps you take immediately after the accident can be crucial. By understanding how you can collect necessary evidence and what types of evidence can help your case, you might be able to save yourself some stress in the event of a car accident.

Police Reports

This can be one of your most useful tools in a car accident case. Most of the time, when you get into an accident and you call the police, they will come to the scene of the accident and will file a report about the crash. Things that are included in the police report are:

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California injury attorneyThe utter devastation caused by a recent spate of fires that raged through the California countryside is now being blamed for more than just the destruction of countless acres of forest and neighborhoods. More accurately, perhaps, the company thought responsible for the Thomas, Creek and Rye fires is the target of personal injury suits filed on behalf of individuals whose lives were adversely affected by the flames.

Utility Infrastructure Is Being Blamed

A California law firm that filed suits on behalf of six plaintiffs is alleging that a spark from electrical infrastructure owned by an electricity provider caused the fires that caused damage and injury to their clients. The suit claims:

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California accident attorneyA car accident is never a pleasant experience, but dealing with the legal and financial aftermath of a crash will often just make things worse. As you receive treatment for your injuries, arrange repairs for your vehicle, file police reports, work with your insurance company, and try to get your life back on track after the upheaval the accident has caused, you may also face the difficulty of establishing liability for the accident so you can seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

This process can become even more complicated when multiple parties are at fault for the accident. If you were partially responsible for the crash, you may not be sure about your eligibility for compensation. In these cases, it is important to understand California’s laws about comparative fault.

Negligence and Fault Under California Law

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