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San Jose car accident lawyerA traffic accident is almost always an extremely stressful experience, but hit and run accidents can be especially challenging to manage. There is often an increased sense of confusion and uncertainty because the other driver has fled the scene. However, it is important to understand the best way to respond to hit and run accidents because according to statistics compiled by AAA, as many as 11 percent of crashes that get reported to the police are hit and runs. If you have been involved in a hit and run, you have a number of paths to recovering damages for your injuries. Of these, the most efficient may be finding the other driver so he or she can be held liable.

Finding the Other Driver

Despite the fact that the other driver has left the scene of the accident, it may be possible to find him or her and hold him or her responsible for the damage that they caused. The immediate aftermath of the accident will likely be hectic for everyone in the vehicle, but the more identifying details that they can gather, the better off they will be. This includes noticing things like the other car’s make and model, its color, and its license plate number. Additionally, victims of hit and runs should also talk to any pedestrians or other witnesses who may have had a better view of the other vehicle to see if they have any information to share.

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San Jose personal injury lawyerRecovering compensation after a car accident is not always easy. In some cases, the other driver’s insurance company works fast and resolves the issues of fault and damages relatively quickly and all parties are able to move on without any significant delays. In other cases, the insurance companies drag their feet and can keep a case pending for months and maybe years before it is settled. If a driver is injured in an accident with a negligent driver who is a government employee operating a government car, there may be additional delays due to the law governing how claims against the government may be handled.

Government-Related Accident Claims

It is not easy to sue the government in California, as in many other states, because government entities and some employees are immune from liability for acts that they take in their official capacities. Before deciding to sue the government or a government employee, you have to ensure that the conduct you are alleging is exempt from the broad immunity from liability enjoyed by the government, its employees, and, in some cases, its contractors.

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