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California injury attorneyThe utter devastation caused by a recent spate of fires that raged through the California countryside is now being blamed for more than just the destruction of countless acres of forest and neighborhoods. More accurately, perhaps, the company thought responsible for the Thomas, Creek and Rye fires is the target of personal injury suits filed on behalf of individuals whose lives were adversely affected by the flames.

Utility Infrastructure Is Being Blamed

A California law firm that filed suits on behalf of six plaintiffs is alleging that a spark from electrical infrastructure owned by an electricity provider caused the fires that caused damage and injury to their clients. The suit claims:

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Bay Area wrongful death lawyerEarlier this month, a fire tore through a party in a converted warehouse in Oakland, killing 36 people. The warehouse was known throughout the Bay Area arts community as the “Ghost Ship,” offering residential, studio, and performance spaces to local artists and musicians. As investigations into the fire continue, a number of major concerns have come to light about the building’s safety and lack of required permits. Such issues may be important considerations in determining potential liability for the deaths of victims.

Alleged Illegal Construction and Unlicensed Use

It is often difficult for low-income individuals to find suitable, affordable housing in the Bay Area, leading many to cut corners in an effort to save money. This seems to have been the case of the Ghost Ship, a former warehouse on 131st Street in Oakland. The couple who operated the building reportedly converted it into a sort of collective for struggling artists and musicians but did so without securing permits or code inspections required by the city. The last permit on record approved the building for use as a warehouse only, not as a performance space or residence.

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San Jose car accident lawyerTeenagers are notorious for bad driving and for the number of auto accidents they cause. Unfortunately, they are usually not in a financial position to compensate the other drivers and pedestrians they harm in such accidents.

In California, there are two statutes addressing a parent or guardian’s liability for harms caused by a minor child’s driving. One assigns liability to parents who sign a child’s driver’s license application, and the other makes parents who give a minor permission to drive liable for damages the child causes.

Signs Driver’s License Application

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