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CA injury attorneyIn recent months, Uber, a popular ride-sharing service, has been under fire for multiple issues surrounding sexual harassment, including multiple Uber drivers being accused of sexual assault or abuse and Uber changing their policy regarding sexual harassment to not require victims to settle disputes through arbitration. Now, a former Uber employee has filed a lawsuit against the company for sexual harassment, sexual and racial discrimination and retaliation.

The Case

A former Uber software engineer has filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court stating that she faced “a male-dominated work culture, permeated with degrading, marginalizing, discriminatory and sexually harassing conduct toward women.” The suit also cites events such as a male employee making public degrading statements about women. The same employee also spread a false rumor about her sleeping with someone in the company.

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California personal injury lawyerThe California State Assembly is considering new legislation that would allow victims of sexual harassment more time to file charges or take other legal action. The effort in response to and in support of the countless victims across the state who have found their voice among a growing group of others who experienced harassment at the hands of a co-worker, boss or another individual in a position of power or authority.

Assembly Bill 1870

The California State Assembly was presented with a new bill on the first day of the body’s 2018 legislative session as part of a concerted effort to respond to the increasing number of sexual harassment allegations, including within its own halls, being brought forward by past victims:

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California injury attorneySome people might have you believe that sexual harassment is a rare occurrence. However, the recent avalanche of revelations and allegations coming out of Hollywood clearly indicate that no industry is immune to this type of behavior. One lesson from these latest stories is that a victim of unwanted sexual advances in the workplace need not be a movie star to seek protection under the law.

Some Signs of Sexual Harassment

It is not at all uncommon for the victims of sexual harassment to doubt themselves or experience anxiety about bringing inappropriate behavior to the attention of a manager or supervisor at work. Sometimes the behavior is so subtle the victim just is not sure. Listed below are some common signs that you or a coworker may be the target of unwelcome advances of a sexual or intimidating nature at your place of employment.

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