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San Jose car accident lawyerWhile a number of situations can lead to injuries, motorcycle and car accidents are by far some of the most common causes for personal injury claims. A simple mechanical error, careless driving due to distraction, or operating a vehicle under the influence can mean tragic consequences for everyone involved in the collision.

Fortunately, reducing the number of auto-related injuries is possible when simple, proactive measures are taken behind the wheel. Avoid all of the following driving habits to prevent costly traffic violations, dangerous accidents, and needless injury:

  • Speeding - Driving too fast is an easy way to earn a ticket, but it is also one of the leading causes of car crashes. It often only takes one vehicle to cause an accident, so every driver on the road makes a difference. Under California law, speeding is considered a moving violation, which can mean fines of $435 or more and a requirement to appear in court;
  • Running red lights - It is easy to coast through a yellow light, but it is even easier to cut it dangerously close and accidentally run through a red light. Just like speeding, running a red light is considered a moving violation and will not only earn you a ticket, it also puts you at risk for causing a serious pedestrian or auto accident;
  • Driving with a known mechanical problem - A minor mechanical problem like a broken tail light can seem like a petty issue, but even simple mechanical problems can cause your vehicle to operate less efficiently on the road. In addition to being less safe, should police pull you over due to such a problem, you could be issued a citation; and
  • Inattention - This is possibly one of the most talked about dangers on the roadways today in addition to driving under the influence. Texting, playing with the radio or other devices, putting on makeup, eating, or tending to children while driving are all activities that endanger everyone on the road.

You can combat also combat potential roadway dangers by staying abreast of all changing weather and road conditions and planning ahead before you drive so you are focused on the road alone.

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injury accident lawyer San Jose, San Jose car accident lawyerBy now, we all know the dangers of texting while driving and that texting leads to thousands of car accidents every year, many of them causing serious injuries or deaths. For some reason—and probably for a number of reasons—Americans seem to have trouble putting their phones down and focusing on the road in front of them. It may be easy to convince yourself that sending a quick text message is no more dangerous than adjusting the radio or thinking about a work project. A new study, however, suggests a driver’s brain is inclined to protect a distracted driver in many cases, but not when the distraction is created by texting.

Small-Scale Research

The study was conducted by a research team from the University of Houston and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and was partially funded by a program established in the wake of a class-action settlement involving Toyota. The researchers looked at the effects of various types of distractions on 59 volunteers as they navigated a stretch of highway on a high-tech driving simulator.

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