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driverless car, San Jose peronsal injury attorneyFor the first time, according to reports, one of Google’s driverless cars was at fault for causing an accident in California. While there were no reported injuries in the crash, which occurred at very low speed while the car was attempting to merge back into traffic, the incident has raised some serious concerns about the ability of driverless technology to keep passengers and other drivers safe.  

Low-Speed Fender Bender

Last month, as part of the ongoing testing of the technology, a Google-owned Lexus with driverless capabilities was cruising the streets of Mountain View in Santa Clara County. Compliant with Google’s normal testing protocol, there was also a driver in the vehicle to supervise the process and to take over control in the event of a problem. As the vehicle approached an intersection to make a right turn, its sensors determined that the turn was blocked, so it began to merge back into the flow of traffic proceeding through the intersection. In the process of merging—reports indicate the Google car was travelling at about 2 miles per hour—the car brushed the side of a bus passing at about 15 miles per hour.

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