Dealing with Birth Injuries

California injury lawyerThe news of an impending addition to one’s family is often cause for joyous celebration. However, the celebration can be cut short when errors in judgment or procedure result in harmful and catastrophic birth injuries that impact the well-being of either the child or mother. In the event such an incident occurs it is important to know what actions are available to injured parties.

Seeking What Is Right

In nearly every single incident, a birth injury is preventable. However, due to an error in procedure, miscommunication among the medical team, or some other factor that negatively impacts the technique of a trusted medical professional, a family is left dealing with a situation that leaves them searching for answers.

  • In some cases, careless use of surgical tools during birth cause serious injuries. A Tennessee family noticed severe cuts and scarring on their newborn daughter’s head, which was believed caused by amniotic hooks. The situation stemmed from an induced labor, during which the mother recalled a traumatic passing of time during which a midwife aggressively used the tool during the procedure. Fortunately, the injuries have healed and no lasting effects are anticipated, but the family is seeking an apology and relief from the cost of treating an injury caused by hospital personnel.
  • Earlier this year a jury awarded $40 million in damages to a six-year-old girl when they decided that a spinal injury that left her paralyzed below the waist and confined to a wheelchair was the result of hospital personnel’s failure to properly follow procedure for a known, high-risk pregnancy. The hospital presented a defense stating care was proper and the injuries occurred prior to birth, but testimony from a series of experts provided enough evidence to convince the jury of the hospital staff’s negligence.

In the worst-case scenario, a death occurs.

Pursue Action with an Experienced California Birth Injury Attorney

When negligence or malpractice results in injury to a patient, it is critical to have qualified representation supporting you and your family. The help of a knowledgeable San Jose birth injury lawyer can ensure those who caused the injury are held responsible, and that your family is properly compensated to ensure proper treatment or lasting care does not become a burden.

Janoff Law understands this is an emotional situation. They will conduct a meticulous review of your case, and create a plan of action to seek proper and adequate remuneration for damages. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 408-286-2300 and learn what options are available to you.



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